Rommel plays all kinds of games ranging from FPS to RTS. Through college he played Halo 2 competetively and finished 5th in the EBGames / Dodge Truck tournament in 2004. He then went on to play CoD and Battlefield, but got pulled into WoW for many years finishing 2nd in the 2007 Darkmoon Faire tournament. He recieved an Alpha invite to Heroes of the Storm where he spent most of his focus allowing him to progress into the competetive scene. Starting from The Dinner Excuse™ and moving on to founding Get Gaz-Low Gurl, he competed in placement for blizzard qualifiers where he made it to the top 16 being eliminated by Cloud 9.


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Team Captain

Karl "Rommel" Lugenbeel

hBomb has a self-declared obsession with video games. He loves taking every aspect of a video game and understanding how to min/max every situation a game has to offer. He has been playing MOBAs since the first Custom Hero Wars came in Custom Maps for StarCraft. He loves the format of MOBAs since they require understanding the opportunity cost involved with making the optimal decision. He stuck with the custom game scene through Starcraft2's Aeon of Storms. He switched over to DotA 2 briefly before starting with the alpha for Heroes of the Storm and has been playing it religiously ever since. He loves the teamwork required to excel in HotS and the fact that strong execution can sometimes overcome sub-optimal decision making.



Michael "hBomb" Galli

Kr00k3d’s play style is best resembled to a monkey, the playful tricksters of the jungle who get more enjoyment out of pulling your tail to frustrate you so you lose focus of your game plan so the other monkeys can sneak behind and steal your bananas! His experience in gaming varies to all kinds of genres, but has dedicated the past 6 years strictly to MOBA's, League of legends and now Heroes of the Storm. It is his childhood dream to become a professional gamer and aims for the top no matter what the challenge he is always up for it.



Shawn "Kr00k3d" Tavares

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