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LFM for Wrath & Dragonflight!

Libra will be playing Wrath Classic on Pagle-Alliance and Dragonwrath on Zul'jin-Horde!  LFM Undying 10-man Naxx Run and raiders for new expansion!


New libra merch available!

Rep your guild with the official Razer Libra Edition Mouse mat! Own a piece of Libra's gaming legacy, available NOW on Razer Customs!

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Clash of Clans/ Clash Royale

Libra is looking for players of all skill levels for Clan War League (CWL), Clan War, Clan Capital weekend raids, Clan Games, and more! #QQPLPCC

about us


Loyalty, Integrity, Bearing, Respect, Ambition.
Libra demonstrates these traits in game and in life.

Libra is a community of passionate gamers who enjoy bringing people together in a growing environment. Since 2010, Libra’s reach has spread throughout multiple games, platforms, and countries.  


Across every game we touch, we provide a place where players from casual to hardcore can game in peace.


It doesn't matter what you play, only that you play.


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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Meta Raid Comp Blog Post

by Xyanyde

In World of Warcraft, a meta raid comp is a group composition that is considered to be the most effective for raiding high-level content. These comps typically consist of a mix of classes and specializations that are well-suited for the challenges of a particular raid encounter.

One of the most popular meta raid comps for Dragonflight is a combination of three tanks, six healers, and eleven damage dealers. This comp allows for a high level of damage output while also providing enough healing and survivability to withstand the toughest boss mechanics.

Another common meta raid comp for Dragonflight is the "double DPS" comp, which consists of two tanks, four healers, and fourteen damage dealers. This comp is designed to maximize damage output and can be especially effective for encounters where there is a lot of movement or other actions that require quick reflexes.

Regardless of the specific classes and specializations chosen, a successful meta raid comp for Dragonflight will typically include a mix of burst damage, sustained damage, and crowd control abilities. This allows the group to quickly take down bosses and deal with any adds that may spawn during the encounter.

In addition to choosing the right classes and specializations, it's also important for players in a meta raid comp to coordinate their abilities and movements. For example, tanks may need to use their taunts and other abilities to control the boss's attention, while healers must be ready to provide support to the group whenever necessary.

Overall, a well-planned and executed meta raid comp is an essential part of success in Dragonflight and other high-level raiding content in World of Warcraft. By carefully selecting the right mix of classes and specializations, coordinating abilities and movements, and adapting to the challenges of each encounter, players can improve their chances of defeating even the toughest bosses.



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